What is a QR code?

You may have seen these interesting black and white pixelated squares in advertisements, on webpages, or even on the t-shirt of the person ahead of you on the subway! You can easily read (QR codes) on your cell phone or other mobile devise as long as you have a (QR code) reader. A (QR code) neatly connects printed material with digital information in such a way that you can enjoy the benefits from both media.

Still it raises the question, (what is a QR Code?) 

A (quick response code) is a matrix barcode. This (QR code) is different from the pricing barcodes in your nearby department store. Any mobile device that has a (QR barcode) reader application may read (QR codes) quickly and easily. No special equipment required. You can download a free (QR barcode) reader application to any cell phone and quickly access a variety of data. If you have not been paying attention to those little black and white code boxes, you may have missed inside information to your favorite shows, game secrets, game codes, discount coupons, and more! These specialized (quick response codes) developed to track the production of automobiles now share a lot of information across a wide range of media and outlets.

Here are a few recommended (QR barcode) readers you can download free.

These 2-dimensional barcodes have been in use in Japan for quite some time. Since the development of these specialized barcodes in 1994, these black and white barcodes have been adapted to provide a bridge to move additional information from printed materials to the web as easy as taking a picture with your phone. Typing in a web address to a cell phone or other tiny mobile device is time consuming and sometime requires a degree of dexterity when traveling or carrying bags or books. Many universities are using these barcodes to provide students information on campus activities or even mobile library access.

(What is a QR Code?) More than another barcode, (QR Codes) could be a link to easy access of information you need when on the move! Since a (QR code) stores data both vertically and horizontally, these QR codes are able to hold more than four thousand characters! This makes it possible for a single barcode to hold full contact information for a business, bus, or train schedules and routes, previews of the latest movies and more. These barcodes are designed to be scanned quickly. For that reason, some individuals refer to the (QR barcode) as a smart tag. When you ask what that means they simply say the barcodes are (quick response codes) and leave you and others wondering, (what is a QR code?) Now that you know the answer to that question, you are a step ahead of others who may have seen these QR barcodes and wondered about them. With a bit of experimentation you can create your own coded information and place it on your website, in your emails, or on your social pages. Next time you want to start a conversation, ask your circle of friends, (what is a QR code?) It may be that you are the one to enlighten your social group in the use of (quick response codes.)