Creating Custom QR Codes Quickly & Easily

While standard QR codes are black and white pixelated squares, there are a number of ways to design (custom QR codes) to help create brand awareness, personalize a message, or even place a unique design on your personal living space by incorporating a barcode mosaic into your interior decorating plans. There are businesses who will charge you to design a (custom QR code), but with a bit of experimentation and a little patience it is possible to produce (custom QR codes) without a lot of technical background or design experience.

After generating the usual black and white QR barcode and saving it in a gif or png format to your computer, you can start playing with incorporating the barcode into pictures, designs, or graphs you customize in a paint shop or photos program. Add a custom QR barcode as a label to a photo taken on vacation to peak the curiosity of family and friends. Even simple borders made in a paint program and encircling your (custom QR code) can give your message the punch needed to encourage others to scan your barcode to see what else they might discover.

The simplest (custom QR codes) are ones that share personal information. This could be a text message, contact information, or social page links. This color-coded sample of a QR barcode helps show how data is stored within the barcode. Some (custom QR codes) are so designed that there is a logo in the center of the barcode but because the data is stored horizontally and vertically, scanners are able to allow for some adjustments and still direct you to the linked information quickly and easily. While most detailed barcodes will be easier to generate from a desktop computer program, there are applications for mobile devices that allow you to generate QR codes away from home.

Creating custom QR barcodes on a mobile device is possible without an internet connection if you have a mobile generator application. Not all applications may be the best for the mobile device you own. Some work with most mobile devices, while others are best suited to a particular brand mobile device or depends on your level of expertise. There are free mobile QR code generators available but you may have to search them out. Two popular ones are the QR+ and My QR Generator. For iPhone ®users, the QR+  is a free generator that has an option that allows you to design your customized logo to be centered within the design. For those users of Android devices, My QR Generator can have you ready to design your own QR codes in minutes.

There are more code generator options available for those with internet connection or a desktop application. Some of the (custom QR code) generators allow you to track the number of times someone scans your code. For those with a Google account, the QR code generated when you shorten a URL address at is ready to embed to webpages, blog or tweet to friends. The number of clicks is tracked automatically allowing you to see the source of those accessing your custom barcode.

Free online code generator downloads vary in what type of information you can covert to code. Some allow only simple URL addresses while others give a variety of options. Here are a few recommended generators to get you started in exploring your options.

  • The Delivr generator gives you the option to convert SMS to short code and include RSS for quick access to the information you want to share. If you choose to register with them, you have access to additional free options including tracking and a free Delivr address.
  • BeQRious allows graphics as part of the URL information. This is a great way to add some unexpected content to your custom barcode! 
  • Maestro is one of the most popular free QR code generators because it is so easy to use. Simply input your information and the generator instantly delivers your customized code. Need to add a map to your code information? Maestro is one of the free generators that give that option.
  • Azonmedia code generator not only also includes the option of Google maps in your code, but also has additional options you might expect to have to pay for. Azonmedia allows you to change the error correction quality in your code to obtain a greater success rate with scans that sometimes occur under less than perfect conditions.
  • is my personal favorite. I like this generator because it gives you the option to change the color of your QR code! That is correct. You do not have to have a black and white QR code that looks like thousands of others until scanned. When creating a custom QR barcode, start with a colored code done here and design a graphic border or picture around it. While the color change is a nice enough option to get my vote, in addition to colors, also allows you to customize margin widths and other encoding options.

Creating your own unique QR codes is not only fun but if you are planning to use QR codes to promote a business or to make professional contacts, a (custom QR code) can be the key to grabbing attention and sharing contact information without exchanging business cards.