What is so exciting about a QR code?

Go ahead. Ask already! I know you are wondering …

Why all this excitement about QR codes anyway? 

Let me share my story and introduce you to an amazing solution to an old problem that happens to be one of my pet peeves…

It happens repeatedly! I am reading an article in one of my favorite magazines all warm and comfortable and just as I am hoping there might be more to the story, I see a reference to a web address for further information. The only problem is I am too comfortable to hop up and head on over to my computer. I always think I will look the additional information up later, but then the usual distractions of family life interrupt and when I think of it again, I have discarded the magazine without saving the web address!

Along those same lines, I often drive along, see a billboard advertisement or a sign in a store window, and find interesting informational tidbits I fleetingly think about investigating more closely. When there is a web address given, I hunt through my pockets in search of a scrap of paper and pen. If I am lucky, I find something to scribble out the address with. Without a paper and pen handy, I try to commit the web address to memory to search online later. Of course, later seldom happens. I have either forgotten the address or cleaned the scrap paper out of my pocket before doing laundry and tossed the information into the trash not remembering it may have been useful.

One afternoon while investigating a new shopping center and seeing a web address on a poster advertising a new restaurant soon to open in the area, I made the comment that I wish there was a way to carry my computer in my back pocket so I had a way to look for the information now! My friend pointed out a square barcode in the corner of the flyer and said she was able find out the details immediately without a computer! In moments, she used her smart phone to read that crazy looking barcode and accessed a webpage that gave us the opening date and even the tentative food selections!

Intrigued I asked her how she did that! She quickly informed me that these square black and white barcodes were quick response codes designed to share information on almost any mobile device that was equipped with a QR reader. I also found out there are a number of free QR reader applications available that I could download to my cell phone in minutes.

I admit I am not very technically savvy. Anything beyond a simply copy/ paste technique can leave me lost in cyberspace looking for a way out. When I hesitantly checked out a free QR code generator, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to generate a simple QR code for my brother in-law in moments! Since then I have enjoyed showing others how easy it is to create their own QR codes for fun and profit. If a technically challenged person like me can do it, so can you!